Am Muthu Raj – as an artist by training, a designer by profession, and a photographer by aptitude had made worldly presence in Perambalur, Trichy got settled in Chennai in later 90’s. Starting career as a Hotel Server during the year 1990 -1994 am inspired by the art of photography from the creative works of my own uncle – Mr. Shanmugam. Later, am joined as a photo Assistant with him and strolled along the foot paths wherever the art of photography is being depicted. We started using M7-"Video Camera" and M3000-"Video Graphic" and maintained curiosity in photography over the years while we passed through other visual media- dabbling in video production, learning digital editing and finally multi-media design. me loves using technology and gadgets.

This event unfolded in an era of sheer grandeur, pomp and show. An era when royalty ruled the roost, Maharajas and Viceroys lorded over destinies. These were the times of intricate, painstaking hand-painted portraits. Photography was still just being talked about in hushed tones in the confines of the homes of the rich and famous.

As the photographer moves into the Ladder of success me had the insite vision of drafting the professional by my own. On 1998, a small but significant event changed the course of photography history in chennai. It was the year that, me started to do things creatively on own and opened the “House of Photography” called “M7 Studio”. Our Digital photography provides a happy marriage of all the various skills and preferences that Muthu has acquired over the years. we has made our footprints in the Field of Cinema and made a fabulous portfolio for the Padmabushan Hero – Dr. Kamala Hassan on “Virumaandi” and assisted Madhavan in the film ‘Nala Thamayanthi”. Our style of photography melds the techniques of the different media we has worked in, with our formative training as an artist. The influence of the different media on our work is especially apparent in the composition and post-processing of our photographs.